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We are an international agency based in Paris with 1 462 photographers and videographers spread all over the world.
Imagera in 2014:
  • 1398 Reports
  • 169 566 Photos taken
  • 207 Clients
  • 287 Business Views
  • 2,03 Terabyte pictures
  • 592 293 Views
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Our job is to solve, improve and innovate for our clients everything related to photos, videos and business views with an industrial approach.

The strength of Imagera is to work with local photographers in every country but a centralized postproduction to reduce costs and ensure a consistent service.


In Imagera we make sure that our clients understand that….. “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE”.

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So, you have a hotel, a chain or a group, Imagera is able to provide photographs for all your locations through its international network of 1,639 professional photographers and videographers.

Professional photographers Google Business View

Share your business with the entire world!


Business views let the people discover, walk and see your location online.
Your Business View will appear in Google search and Google Maps
You will own the rights of those images


Make your clients stay longer in your website, promote and improve the image of your business with a video.
Imagera can take your video everywhere thanks to our international network of 1639 videographers and photographers all over Europe.


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        The founders of imagera are Maxence Martin and Damien Soissons. They love photography and had the idea of creating an online platform where professional photographers could be gathered. In July 2010, the two founders created the first online agency for photographers at the national level (France): imagera.

        In September 2012 joined Christopher Hibbert, a professional photographer passionate about Light Painting. Also in 2012, imagera signed a partnership with Google for virtual tours (Google Business View).

        Jim Breton joined to let the world know about imagera's activity. Hannah Eyraud joined in 2014 to manage photo projects.

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